caliXta DJs and VJs as an independent freelancer and as part of Chicago’s CumbiaSazo crew. Although originally from Chicago, a lot of her formation and scheming around liberation and revolutionary partying started in DC from kickbacks with friends and Maracuyeah and Anthology of Booty queer femme parties. Those gatherings, whether around someone’s coffee table or at a club, became so essential to her life and self-expression. When she moved back to Chicago in 2011, she felt like similar soul-elevating spaces weren’t common in Chicago, and was having a hard time finding spaces to hear some kinds of music she thought were so beautiful and enriching. She helped co-found dále shine with several friends to spin and create a scene for a wide variety of digital Latinx music in Chicago. In 2013, she joined the CumbiaSazo crew and found kindred spirits with which she could continue working toward the goal of creating new and communal spaces through art and music.


Since 2012, caliXta has been working on learning and honing her craft and continuing with her vision of creating dancefloors that are respectful and healing. Along this journey, she struck out to live fully in her art and philosophy by becoming a full-time artist. She has been fortunate to be able to work with many talented artists, collectives, parties and organizations along her journey, who continue to shape her visions and dreams. Her philosophy is to create and bridge spaces through an audio-visual experience from around the world that people will love, to integrate visuals into music, and bridge sounds across genres.

You can find keep up with me, my politics and thoughts by visiting my blog.


Official SXSW VJ for DJ rat from the Maracuyeah collective
Event Details

Chances Dances Winter 2015 Critical Fierceness Grantee
Announcement, March 2015


Windy City Times


Contratiempo Literary Magazine
Cumbia Machin
DJ Javier Estrada
DJ Riobamba
Dos Santos Anti-Beat Orquesta
Jeremy Sole
Lido Pimienta
Los Macuanos
Maria y Jose/ Tony Gallardo
Sonorama Discos

Thanks to all the organizers, crew and collaborators I have been able to work with to VJ or DJ such great events.