I’m a VJ & DJ (VDJ) who can help you realize your event’s A/V experience and aesthetic. I can lend my artistry to your event or business, from early conception to execution, with visuals, decor, sound and ambience. Be it for a concert, party, premiere, conference, speaking engagement, gallery installation or your website, I work to ensure that I understand all elements of your event- the audience, the feel, the space, the intention and the creative possibilities- to deliver to your audience and enhance your event.

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Aesthetics & Expertise

For VJing and visuals, I specialize in projections and projection mapping. I emphasize working with the natural elements of a space to project visuals (walls, corners, screens and surfaces that work with the space) and a hands-on approach of doing live visual editing in order to continuously capture the ambience of an event. Visuals and visual installations add another layer of beauty, creativity and engagement for your audience, thus elevating the viewer’s emotions and your event. Imagine a poetry reading with another textural element of visualized text and image; a party or concert with wild moving images that are edited live with the feel of the music; or an art show that has a dynamic visual installation woven through it. 

Musically, I specialize in a wide variety of Latinx genres and Latinx artists, mixed or fused with digital beats and genres. Some examples are digital cumbia, space merengue and indigeno club. I like to mix and bridge sounds with pop, hip-hop, R&B, house, and dancehall. Like visuals, music and DJing has its purposes far outside the party and club scene. Music can enhance any number of art, corporate, or public events.